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Friday, February 13th, 2009

I always intended to move my MSDN blog onto my own domain for the extra freedom (of expression & otherwise).  As things turned out I didn’t have time to write for over a year, much less mess around with PHP installers.  Considering I left Microsoft entirely in November 2008, it’s high time my thoughts found a permanent home.  Voilà.

I’m using bone-stock WordPress for now, mostly because I suck at CSS.  Luckily I did find a wider version of the default theme; otherwise I’d never be able to post a code sample.  Time will tell if I encounter a compelling need to mix things up.

What will I write about this time around?  I will certainly continue to document my adventures developing software on the Microsoft stack of tools I’ve grown to love.  Of course, I won’t be reticent to mix & match technologies (not that I ever was).  At every turn, rest assured there will be BUGBUG reports to identify and cleverly workaround, even if that’s no longer my job. 


And who knows, maybe there will be time for personal insights, hobbies, etc.  No promises, otherwise Murphy will be sure to break them.