Why is the TFS Powershell snapin marked 32-bit only?

Short answer: because the TFS core assemblies are marked 32-bit only.

Like everyone else, I wish the TFS team had supported x64 much earlier on.  You can see in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common.dll that while there are a decent number of routines under the NativeMethods static class that need to be ported, it’s not an enormous task.  Turns out that supporting setup and deployment on x64 servers (with all the requisite expansion of the test matrix, etc.) is by far the higher cost.  Good news is that x64 is supposed to be on the Rosario feature list.

In the meantime, I can’t have John Robbins’ impression of our power tool be negative!  I consider my trip to attend his “Native Windows Debugging” class one of the highlights of my MS career.  As a TFS power user I frequently live in x86 shells, so here’s a tidbit from my $profile that helps keep me sane:

$isX86Process = ( $env:Processor_Architecture -eq "x86" ) ... $Global:PscxHostTitlePreference = { $(if ($IsAdmin) { "Admin: " }) + $PscxWindowTitlePrefix + $(get-location).Path + $(if ($IsX86Process) {" (x86)"}) }

Naturally, I like Vivek’s auto-Fork example too – may need to incorporate somewhere into my library of stuff…

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  1. John Robbins Says:

    *Blush* Thank you Richard for the very nice compliment. I'm honored! - John Robbins

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